Over the last 26 years, there have been many individual and organizational collaborators that have made Communities of the Future so successful:

The following reflects both colleagues and organizations who have been long-term collaborators as well as those with whom COTF is just beginning to collaborate. Each  week a new posting of COTF collaborators will be made. All are important to the ongoing success of the international COTF Network:

Long-Term Collaborators

World Future Society

Beginning in 1994, the World Future Society based in Washington, DC, has been a key collaborator with COTF. 2015 will be the 22nd straight year that a new transformational concept has been introduced at the World Future Society Conference. The first idea introduced in 1995 was the concept of “transformational” change compared to “reforming change.” Reforming change refines and enhances an idea or concept that already exists. Transformational change rethinks the fundamental principles of the idea or concept. COTF is now an “affiliated partner” of the WFS. This year in San Franscisco, two new ideas will be introduced: 1) pH Ecosystem for a community-based approach to preventive medicine, and 2) a “21st century neighborhood academy” concept to seed futures thinking in local areas.

Steve Ahlenius

Steve Ahlenius is the President of the McAllen, TX Chamber of Commerce. He has been at the core of collaboration with COTF for twenty years. Both a visionary and practical adapter for innovative ideas, his seven program sysetem for 21st century entrepreneurism is a key part of the COTF idea of an emerging Creative Molecular Economy.  Steve combines a strong business acumen with a creative flair for practical risk-taking that often is not found in chamber of commerce executives.

New Collaborators

Global Rainforest Network

The Global Rainforest Network spearheaded by Victor Hwang in San Jose, CA is in the process of developing collaborative approaches with COTF to connect the Rainforest frameworking of thinking emphasizing “innovation ecosystems” with the COTF concepts and methods to build capacities for transforation. There is ongoing dialogue with other co-founders of the Rainforest effort to create a collaborative effort to leverage the potential of various ideas such as a North Carolina Ecosystem for Community Transformation.

Andy Stoll

A recent serendipitous meeting with Andy Stoll at the Global Innovation Summit in San Jose, CA opened up a dialogue and potential collaboration between COTF and Andy’s work in Cedar Rapids, IA. Andy refers to himself as Chief Connector for Iowa Start-Up Accelerator. Both the concepts of connections and accelerators are core to the COTF concept of a Master Capacity Builder. Andy is a talented thinker and designer of parallel processes. His work, as is COTF’s, is based on the practical application of principle of biology. This collaboration will lead to emerging ideas and futures projects as a result of continuing “futures generative dialogue.”