Community-Based Wellness

In 2013, Rick Smyre met Dr. Frank Maletz at the World Future Society Conference in Chicago. Dr. Maletz had just introduced his concept of a preventive approach to community healthcare he calls “healthspital.” Recognizing a key piece missing in the COTF concept of “comprehensive community transformation,” Smyre asked Dr. Maletz to develop a draft of a concept paper for the concept that would connect with the COTF umbrella idea of community transformation.¬†From this initial draft grew a new concept called “pH Ecosystem.” The pH is a play on the idea of a chemical acid or base, and, at the same time, stands for “preventive healthcare.”

Once Smyre and Maletz develop the framework of the overall idea, Smyre sent the fourth draft to colleagues directly associated in areas of medicine or to those with ideas that would be indirectly related to the wholeness of community health.

Over five months eight colleagues in Canada and the U.S. added their ideas and a comprehensive concept paper was developed (see link below).


Those involved with the creation of the “pH Ecosystem” concept paper are Jim Damicis and economic development (Camoin Associates, Portland, ME);Brenda Herchmer and community involvement (Edmonton, Canada); Jerry Hughes and social entrepreneurism (Fairfax County, VA; Dr. Paul Laurienti and “complex adaptive systems” (Boman Gray Medical Center at Wake Forest University); Dr. Michael Manning and Emergency Medical Teams (Emergency Room Physican, Murphy, NC); Starin McKeen and food pods for year-round production (Colorado State University, CO); Rick Smyre and comprehensive community transformation (COTF, Gastonia, NC).



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