COTF Interviews

During the rest of 2015, the following interviews will be held with colleagues and associates of COTF to offer their thoughts on the importance of building capacities for community transformation:

March:  Simon Anderson, Futurist and Co-author, Foresight 2020

April: LaDene Bowen, past Dean, Economic Development Institute

May: Rich Harwood, President, The Harwood Institute

June: Anita Brown-Graham, Director, Institue for Emerging Issues

July: Ken Hunter, immediate Past Chair, World Future Society

August: Mark Waterhouse, Past Chair, American EDC

September: Mihaela Smith, Director, Commonwealth Network

October: Paul Gilding, Author, The Great Dispurtion, Australia

November: Steve Scott, President, Wake Tech CC, Raleigh, NC

December: Brenda Herchmer, Edmonton, Canada