Game Changers

One of the newly emerging trends that has been a weak signal until now is the idea of networks of “game changers.” This concept looks at the potential of building collaborative networks and groups of people ¬†for different reasons in different ways to help speed up the process of community transformation. The ultimate idea is to creat meta-networks of “innovation ecosystems” in which diverse people and organizations will collaborate at a deeper level to help create a futures framework of transformational thinking and action more quickly by helping each other succeed.

Examples of such initiatives and game changer networks can be found in the following:

1) Davidson College (Davidson, NC) has announced a major new initiative called Game Changers: Inspiring Leaders to Transform the World.

2) Fourish NC is an intergenerational network of people throughout NC who are focused on networking 20000 “changemakers” by 2020.

3) Alex Deleuse and David Hopkins of Creative Expansion, Inc in California are involved with networking Millennials throughout the state to be “gamechangers.”