Master Capacity Builder

Simply put, transformational leaders for our future will be Master Capacity Builders.

Overview and Rationale

By Rick Smyre, President, Center for Communities of the Future

As society shifts from hierarchies, single solutions, inflexible standards and predictability to networks, webs, multiple options, emergence and a comfort with ambiguity, the concept of management is transformed from controlling projects and outcomes to building connections. Defined tasks become searches for access points, seeding capacities and spotting emergent possibilities. Therefore, the very term management is a misnomer in an age of constant change. One manages what one knows to exist and what one can control. In a society and economy no longer defined by traditional structures and predetermined outcomes, the nature of achieving success will be based on facilitating interlocking networks.


  • Determining what type of network is needed.
  • Identifying early adopters
  • Introducing new ideas
  • Developing “futures generative dialogue”
  • Creating a “futures context”
  • Looking for an access point
  • Creating inner node of supporters and potential co-facilitators
  • Building external connections
  • Networking individuals from different networks
  • Seeding new idea
  • Establish a web connection
  • Suggest connections and new ideas
  • Evolve systems within systems
  • Follow up with key individuals with specific questions
  • Sharing information throughout the network with individuals, sub-networks and the overall network.


Below you will find three items, when you mouse over the items, you should get a click-box in the upper right corner to view them comfortably at full-screen:

  • A document on Master Capacity Builder Skills
  • A document on Capacities for Transformative Leadership
  • A Master Capacity Builder presentation on Chaos and Complexity

If you are not already familiar with COTF terminology, please refer to the Glossary under the Resources menu of this web site.

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