Member Profiles

The International COTF Network has evolved in a self-organizing way over the last 26 years. At any one time there has been a changing network of people organized in “interlocking” concentric circles who have played different roles in the evolution of COTF.  At the core of these concentric circles is what is called the “first circle.” These are people who were deeply collaborative and committed to create, seed and spread transformational thinking and action in many different places in many different ways.

Over the evolution of COTF, there have been more people than could be thanked or mentioned. However there have been three key time periods in the life of COTF in which “first circle” of key colleagues made the difference in adding to the momentum of the ideas, processes and connections that has resulted in the success of COTF today.

First Circle (1989 – 96)

  • Margaret Gayle            Originator             Raleigh, NC
  • Ken Oilschlager           Originator             Meridan, MS
  • Dr. Bob Tyndall           Originator             Wilmington, NC
  • Dr. Mike Latta             Originator             Raleigh, NC
  • Joseph Kruth               Collaborator         Lake Tahoe, NV
  • David Jameson            Key Support         Aiken, SC
  • Dr. Vic Hackley            Key Support         Fayetteville State U.
  • Boyd Rose                     EDA                       Atlanta, GA
  • Mike Nolan                   City Manager       Norfolk, NE
  • Bob Gayle                      Chamber Pres      Columbia, SC
  • Rick  Dubose                 Chamber VP        Bowling Green, KY
  • Mark Waterhouse        Dean, EDI            Pleasant Valley, CT
  • Susan Knox                   EDC President     Sylvester, GA

First Circle (1997 – 2007)

  • Chris Thomson                  Scottish Found          Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Graham Leicester              Scottish  Found         Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Matthew Haggis                 Connector                  Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Lewis Jaffe                          Promoter                    Latrobe, PA
  • Bill  Whiland                      COTF Web Site          Glasgow, Scotland
  • Angie Woodward               Leadership  KY          Frankfort, KY
  • Jennifer Adams                  LDR Norfolk              Norfolk, NE
  • Mark Hall                            LDR Norfolk              Norfolk, NE
  • Betty Rash                           Mayor Pro Tem         Charlotte, NC
  • Bob Stott                              Futurist/Consult       South Tyneside, Eng
  • Neil Richardson                 Dept Chief of Staff    Washington, DC
  • Steve Ahlenius                    Pres, Chamber           McAllen, TX
  • Danny Hearn                      Pres, Chamber           Hickory, NC

First Circle (2007 – 2015)

  • Ken Hunter                         World Future Soc     Bethesda, MD
  • LaDene Bowen                   Dean, EDI                   Cedar Falls, IA
  • Cathi Uldrich                      U.S. Source Link        Kansas City, MO
  • Dr. Steve Scott                    Pres, Wake Tech        Raleigh, NC
  • Jim Damicis                        Camoin Assocs           Portland, ME
  • Randy Patrick                     Chief Admin Off         Chestermere, Canada
  • Tim Ward                            Changemaker Bks      Washington, DC
  • Stewart Levine                   LDR Consultant          San Francisco, CA
  • Virginia Gibbs                    Pres, Chamber            Fayette County, GA
  • Butch Grove                        VP, Wake Tech           Raleigh, NC
  • Benita Budd                        Wake Tech CC             Raleigh, NC
  • Simon J. Anderson            Futurist                       Minneapolis, MN
  • John Popoff                        Sr. Planner                 Chestermere, Canada
  • Brenda Herchmer             Consultant                  Edmonton, Canada
  • Carl Stewart                        Lawyer                        Gastonia, NC
  • Ivon Rohrer                        Business Ldr              Charlotte, NC
  • Rupam Shivrastava           E-Capital                    Newark, NJ