The concept of Meta-Networks is an emerging idea that reflects the need to scale up transformational thinking and action as quickly as possible. COTF and the World Future Society are working in collaboration with ten other global/national networks to develop a “21st century narrative” that is organized around the concept of “interlockiing networks.” It is at the “touch points” of interlocking network that a Community of Communities emerges. The “21st century narrative” idea will be introduced at the World Future Society Conference in Washington, DC in 2016.

Another example of the use of “meta-networks” is the new “Creative Molecular Economy” Innovation Ecosystem that is in its early stages of development. The idea emerged from a conversation between COTF and the Rainforest Group based in San Jose, CA. Based on biomimicary principles in which nature builds complexity with elegance (the simplest possible structure), an “innovation ecosystem” balances the use of connected “cells” of three node elements, deep collaboration, and creative touch points.

The first “CME Innovation Ecosystem” is composed of three different grouping of three collaborating participants. In this way, nine separate organizations are connected as an ecosystem, yet each one continuing to focus on their own individual goals and objectives. This use of parallel processes of three nodes (Future Forward College, Comprehensive Community Transformation, and Economic Transformation) insures the most effective, adaptable and creative interaction among nine entities that will insure new revenue streams, an annual net cost of zero, and the seeding and emergence of creative “futures projects.”

It is the belief of COTF colleagues that the concept of dynamic and adaptable “meta-networks” will become the most appropriate organizing ¬†metodology for a future that will be constantly changing, interconnected, interdependent and increasingly complex.