The concept of “interlocking networks” and “futures projects” that are for community-based transformational research and development are themes that will reoccur throughout the work of Communities of the Future.

The biological principle of “emergent design” and the “adaptive planning” tools of DICE (Design, Identify, Connect and Emerge) are key ideas when helping local areas to prepare for a society and economy that will be constantly transforming.

The COTF Center is constantly connecting and collaborating with individuals, organizations, other networks and communities in a continuous dance of co-creation. The results over the years have been reflected in new ideas such as a Future Forward College (a term coined by Dr. Steve Scott at Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh, NC), and a Creative Molecular Economy ( a term coined by a team of nationally known economic developers that include Mark Waterhouse (Pleasant Valley, CT), Jim Damicis (Portland, ME), LaDene Bowen (Cedar Falls, IA), Scott Gibbs (Providence, RI) and Ronnie Bryant (Charlotte NC).

This section will introduce new networks, meta-networks (a network of networks), and futures projects that are designed both to evolve a new transformational concept and to seed these new ideas in the thinking and action of local communities as community transformation “research and development” to determine what will work to build “capacities for transformation” for a society and economy in constant change.

From July-Aug, a new concept is emerging that reflects the first “meta-network” in which COTF has been involved. Over the last six months conversations and dialogue have been held among the founders and leaders of different global and national networks. The intent is to build a transformational idea called a “new 21st century narrative” that will draw transformational ideas from each of twelve different networks whose focus is to “reconceptualize all traditional institutions” as we shift from an Industrial Society to an Organic, Ecological Society.

On July 27th, representatives from eleven different networks will meet in San Francisco at the Union Square Hilton Hotel to begin a dialogue to 1) create a scaffolding of transformational ideas for a new 21st century narrative, and 2) develop a deeply collaborative strategy over the next year in order to introduce this concept at the World Future Society’s Conference in Washington, DC in 2016.

Below are the networks that will be involved:
1) Communities of the Future – Gastonia, NC
2) World Future Society – Washington, DC
3) The Rainforest (venture capitalists) – San Jose, CA
4) Smart Partnerships (Commonwealth) – London, England
5) Sttones Leadership Academy (education) – Friday Harbour, WA
6) Transformational Financial Network – New York City area
7) International Process Network (2nd Enlight) – Claremont, CA
8) Near East and Asian Network – Singapore
9) Futures Leader Africa Network – Johannesburg, S Africa
10) The Integral Creative Network – Lexington, Ohio
11) Canadian Leadership Network – Chestermere, Canada